David C.

I want to thank you for helping me get back in shape, after years of neglect and overuse of my hands and arms in my work – indeed my entire body.  In addition, you have been a huge part of transforming my whole being – making me much more conscious about self care and the inner self.  After almost twelve months of regular sessions, I am no longer plagued with the many years of stress, neuromuscular strain and physical pain.    

It’s remarkable how much better my hands and arms feel and function, including the neck and back.  I have much better mobility and range of motion, more vitality and energy, and sleep better.  I’ve stopped some poor work habits and made other meaningful changes in my life.  Your excellent holistic and bodywork – particularly your ability to zero in on sensitive areas of inflammation and other issues – shows your extensive experience and natural intuitive skill.  Moving forward, I will keep pace and schedule sessions as needed.