Shamanic: A Universal
& Inter-Dimensional Journey

Exploration, Navigation, Connection & Integration

When there are major shifts in heightened human consciousness. (For example, being powerfully moved by Love, Compassion and Empathy; Mindfulness, Oneness and Transformation; Sparks of Inspiration while creating Music, Paintings, Poetry and the like). Shamanic consciousness is so much closer or evident than it may appear. It can magically and intently be manifested through the Aliveness of the Mind, Emotion and Spirit Psyche; the open invitation to enter the hidden Depths of Higher Intent and Purpose. Inner Navigations energetically led by Presence in The Invisible. Sacred Spaces that embody and awaken Infinite Wisdom, Intuition, Clarity, Knowing and Divine Inspiration. A Spiritual Path directed and bound to embrace the remembrance of those precious fragments of our Divine Nature. Where Love, Light and Healing Energy vibrate at the highest level in Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotion and Chi (Life Force).

These divinely elevated experiences are magnified and greatly enhanced by strengthening the Higher Realms of Habit. What’s largely aimed at a Meditative, Trance or Superconscious state of Being. Where Mindfulness and the High Frequency of Healing Energy connect and integrate with the Higher Self, Great Spirit and the Godliness of the Universe. Residing in the Depths of Higher Intent, Purpose and Inspiration – the Practitioner navigates far more easily through the Wall of Illusion, Judgment, Distraction and Self-Imposed Limitations. Each of these barriers no longer holds energy or exists in the Here and Now. As Practitioner becomes the Facilitator, Mirror, Messenger and Mentor for anyone who is Willing. This process of Becoming is truly a Co-Creation of the highest order.

“Everyone who dreams has a little bit of shaman in them.” – Robert Moss

“In the beginning we all danced … Our ancestors danced until they felt the full force of spirit unleashing their souls.” – Gabrielle Roth

“No one culture or group of cultures has a hold on what is ‘shamanic’. Shamanism is a group of skills to peer into other worlds and utilize the intelligence and forces of Creation – to bring us to greater wholeness, clarity and self-realization.”

– Zacciah Blackburn

“Not only is the shamanic type emerging in our society, but also the shamanic dimension of the psyche itself.” – Thomas Berry