Ken Orr
Ken OrrIntegrative LMT, Holistic & Shamanic Healer

Ken has been involved in the natural healing arts and exploring his intuitive nature for decades. As a holistic practitioner, reflexologist, and massage therapist, he has shared his shamanic, therapeutic, and intuitive abilities with thousands of people. His sessions include extensive intuitive readings and guidance concerning wellness, health, and life strategies.

At the core of the healing work is his highly intuitive ability to “read” people as multidimensional human and spiritual beings. The scope of his sessions ranges from body, chi energy, and intuitive readings and shamanic and sound healing to identifying and addressing specific issues relating to imbalances and disharmony. Ken works closely with clients to develop and expand their awareness, strategies, and commitment to well-being and wholeness.

Diane Orr
Diane OrrIntegrative LMT, Reiki Healer

Diane has worked with several different agencies for over 15 years, providing massage therapy and Reiki to special needs and handicapped children and adults who are seriously challenged with a wide variety of diagnoses and handicaps.  For many years she has given clients weekly or twice weekly massages.

Maintaining close loving relationships with these clients and their families over time has been extremely rewarding. Each massage is adapted and specialized to fit the needs and capabilities of the client. Whether done on a massage table, floor mat, bed, sofa, or massage chair the healing sessions are tailored to best serve the client. 

Diane is adept at handling clients with behavioral issues such as temper tantrums, toilet mishaps, vomiting, hitting, and other types of challenges. While massage therapy is not a cure for disabilities, it can improve the quality of life for the chronically disabled.

Diane’s elderly and hospice clients benefit from her loving gentle touch and energy work to relax them and ease stress and fear.  Other clientele present with back pain from overwork, shoulder strain, pulled muscles, sports injuries, migraines, sciatica, arthritis, tendonitis and more.  A pregnancy massage can help the mother with lower back pain and ease the stress on her body.