Don C.

Don C. The first time Diane gave me a massage I felt a tremendous surge of love coming through her hands and into my body.  I have received many massages from her. The amount of healing energy I feel from her hands is powerful.

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Anonymous Diane’s hands possess powerful energy.  When she gave me a chair massage I saw a rainbow of colors. The energy coming through her hands was powerful.


Leah L.

Leah L. How a Massage Therapist can be so gentle yet powerfully effective simultaneously is a bit of a mystery to me. Diane is not only a very capable Massage Therapist but she is an expert at proving gentle yet powerful healing through her massage practice.  She listens intently and quickly zeros in on problem [...]

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Shara K.

Shara K. Diane gives me a fantastic massage.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and have been receiving a massage every week from Diane for many years.   As a result I feel less pain and fewer spasms in my lower back.  Her massages help me to sleep like a baby.  Every week I eagerly look forward to [...]

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