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Skilled Holistic Health Practitioners Enriching Your Well-Being

Skilled Holistic Health Practitioners Enriching Your Well-Being

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Ken Orr Holistic Practitioner, Reflexologist & LMT Orr Holistic Healing

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Ken has been involved in the natural healing arts and exploring his intuitive nature for decades. As a holistic practitioner, reflexologist, and massage therapist, he has shared his shamanic, therapeutic, and intuitive abilities with thousands of people. His sessions include extensive intuitive readings and guidance concerning wellness, health, and life strategies.

At the core of the healing work is his highly intuitive ability to “read” people as multidimensional human and spiritual beings. The scope of his sessions ranges from body, chi energy, and intuitive readings and shamanic and sound healing to identifying and addressing specific issues relating to imbalances and disharmony. Ken works closely with clients to develop and expand their awareness, strategies, and commitment to well-being and wholeness.

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Diane Orr LMT & Holistic Practitioner

Diane is a gifted natural healer with a gentle, caring, and quiet intuitive nature. She combines over 20 years of experience in massage and healing arts with her soft healing energies and quiet intuitive nature. She specializes in treating children and adults with special needs and disabilities.

Using a combination of massage, reiki, and energy work, she also helps alleviate acute and chronic pain, speed up surgery, illness, and injury recovery and comfort, pregnancy and menstrual issues, stress relief, reduced anxiety, and deep relaxation. Diane has provided a large variety of massage, reflexology, and related services to hundreds of companies, special events, and holistic and health fairs. Her keen ability to tune in to clients creates a profound comfort zone for them.

Orr Holistic Healing is a Locally Based Company That Offers High-quality and Potentially Life-changing Holistic and Therapeutic Services

For individuals, groups, and events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Orr Holistic Healing (formally know as Massaging Dallas) has provided a variety of massage services for numerous companies, private parties, special events, event planners, and sponsors in the DFW and North Central Texas region.

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Where to Find Us at These Public Events in 2021

Gypsy Soul Holistic Fair 3/14-3/15 10am-5pm

2000 Civic Center Lane, Waxahachie Convention Center (TX)

Wellness Expo 5/1-5/2 11am-6pm

12095 Main Street, Grapevine Convention Center (TX)

Gypsy Soul Holistic Fair 6/5-6/6 10am-5pm

134 Convention Blvd., Hot Springs Convention Center (AR)

Gypsy Soul Holistic Fair 7/24-7/25 10am-5pm

7600 John Q. Hammonds, Frisco Convention Center (TX)

Wellness Expo 10/9-10/10 11am-6pm

2000 Civic Center Lane, Waxahachie Convention Center (TX)